1. How much does shipping cost?

FREE! All shipping Australia wide is absolutely free.

2. Are your lipsticks cruelty free?

100% No fur babies are harmed during the production of our lipsticks.

3. Are your lipsticks natural/vegan?

Yes, this is to ensure that we are ethical and also catering to our customers who have sensitive skin.

4. I have cracked/naturally dry lips, is this product right for me?

If you have cracked lips, its best to stay away from matte lip products and focus on balms to heal your lips. If you suffer from naturally dry lips, you might find our lipsticks to be dry. Matte lipsticks are ideal on lips with moisture. A handy tip is to coat your lips with a clear lip balm, and then apply our lipstick on top of it. The lipstick will dry onto the balm and keep your lips from drying out further if you already suffer from dry lips. 

5. Do the lipsticks have a scent to them?

Yes. Our lipsticks have a light strawberry candy scent in each bottle.

6. Can I return a damaged product?

Absolutely, get in touch with us first so we can organise a replacement for you.

7. What is the best way to contact team PD?

The best way to get in contact with us would be through our social media pages, or simply send us an email at info@puelladecora.com.au 


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