Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ONLINE TRANSACTIONS– All payment and contact information will be stored on the website. The information will not be visible to unauthorized third party individuals or groups.


CONSENT– When using the website for purchases, becoming a member and signing up for newsletters it is assumed that the individual gives their permission to be contacted via email.


AGE OF CONSENT– It will be assumed that all customers are at the legal age to make online purchases and or have permission from their parent or guardian. Puella Decora will not take responsibility for any unauthorized transactions that are made on the website.


ONLINE MARKETING– If a customer has agreed to sign up for our newsletters, they will be contacted via e-mail with promotional material.


COMPLAINTS– All complaints must be sent in writing to Complaints will be resolved between the company and the individual who made the original complaint. Third party authorities may be involved if the complaint is deemed as threatening or abusive.


CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY– Please note this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will update this website with changes to the policy as required.


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